Welcome to the one-stop shop for the south-east commercial kitchen hood sales and installation. At A+ Hoodsystems, we address the needs of all dining facilities- large and small.

So whether you have a small “mom and pop” restaurant, a large chain or any other type of commercial kitchen facility, our turnkey operation will meet your needs.

When you choose us for your commercial hood needs, you get a professional service that will handle the process from the design stage through installation.

Creating an effective kitchen-ventilation system is a simple matter of physics: “Air-in” = “air-out.”

In other words, air that exits through your exhaust hoods and fans must be replaced by outside air entering the building.

Each commercial kitchen requires a different system to achieve this balance. A+ is recognized in the south-east as a leader in the creation and installation of fully integrated ventilation systems. 

To understand how these systems operate, it helps to understand the components. Most require a combination of the following.

EXHAUST HOODS/CANOPIES capture heat and contaminants in the air using filters, extraction baffles and water-mist systems. The selection of these components depends on your appliances and the contaminants present.

DUCTWORK transfers contaminated air, cooking heat, and grease vapors from the hood to the fan. Ducts accumulate combustible grease and require regular and thorough cleaning.

FANS move the heat and contaminated air out of the building. Depending upon design, you’ll require either:

Up-blast fans mounted on the roof directly on top of the exhaust stack;
Utility fans usually roof-mounted where high-static pressure losses are found; and
Inline fans, typically located in the interior duct and used when exterior mounting is impractical.

MAKE-UP AIR SYSTEMS replace air equal to the amount removed. The design is dependent on whether it will be independent or combined with the building’s existing heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system.

HVAC: Remember, we install, repair and service every type of rooftop unit.